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Whether it swims, crawls, or flies, navigation systems are critical for performance of unmanned vehicles. These systems support complex functions such as surveillance, reconnaissance, vehicle tracking, hazardous material disposal, and many military/defense applications. In harsh environments or when GPS is not available (denied or comprised) it is vital to maintain accurate heading and orientation of the unmanned vehicle.

Conventional navigation solutions take up large amounts of space, are costly, heavy, and have high power consumption. Transient magnetic disturbances can induce heading errors compromising performance


Sparton understands the complexity, challenges, and requirements of unmanned vehicle systems. Our MEMS based inertial sensor systems are ideal for unmanned applications, providing unsurpassed heading accuracy in all orientations as well as access to raw sensor data (magnetometers, accelerometers, and gyros). Our line of inertial sensor systems offers a complete and integrated solution that not only outputs accurate heading and platform attitude data, but much more:

  • All systems are factory calibrated for optimized performance

  • Embedded MEMS gyros allow for heading stability in the presence of transient magnetic disturbances.

  • Our proprietary AdaptNav sensor fusion algorithm provides real-time optimization of sensor performance in varying magnetic and dynamic operating environments. In addition, it provides real-time platform “noise” characterizations used for drift compensation of heading, pitch and roll when in electrically and mechanically “noisy” environments.

  • Our NorthTek embedded programming platform provides limitless output customization as well as additional processing capability that can utilized for other system processing requirements.

  • Simple, fast, in-field calibration ensures rapid system availability and maximum accuracy.

  • Multiple data outputs for calculation of figure of merit (FOM) for heading accuracy and quality of calibration

  • Optional “strap down” precision mounting with configurable ribbon cable connection provides optimum accuracy and allows for flexibility in positioning the unit within the vehicle

All this in a package that is less than 0.8 in3, weighs 16g, and consumes only 330 mW. This is not a conventional DMC! It is a “state of the art”, integrated sub-system that provides heading, azimuth and inertial data outputs while minimizing size, weight, power and cost. NorthTek offers the ability to customize the outputs and operation of the device, as well as provide additional processing capability to optimize performance and reduce the number of system components.

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