Designed for harsh environments that include magnetic, dynamic, and temperature fluctuations as well as high shock and humidity, our inertial sensors and acoustic sensors deliver exacting performance. Our knowledgeable engineering team and decades of experience ensure our portfolio of sensors perform in your application.


Laser Targeting


In situations where precision is an absolute must, Sparton delivers the inertial sensors that can be trusted time and time again. Our products have been built to improve on today’s product standards with even greater performance than is required for tomorrow’s laser targeting systems.

Satellite Communications


Panning the sky in search for satellite signals takes on a whole new meaning in urgent conditions when time is of the essence. Getting your connections established in short order requires absolute accuracy—accuracy that can only be delivered by Sparton’s inertial sensor systems.

Unmanned Vehicles


Unmanned vehicles continue to impress with rapid advances in technology that make these vehicles suitable for military and commercial use. The inertial sensor is a critical component for unmanned operation success, and Sparton is lock step in the rapid development of sensor system technologies for air, sea, and ground.

Industrial Applications


Exploring the vast ocean floor for oil and gas opportunities is a daunting task. Sparton’s inertial sensor product offerings help produce the critical accuracy needed to survey, collect and analyze the sea floor to mine these natural resources.

Featured Inertial Sensors

Laser Targeting, Oil and Gas Exploration, Oceanography, and more. Whatever your application, our inertial sensor systems can meet your most demanding needs.


ITAR Restrictions Apply

The Sparton INS-20 is a MEMS-based Inertial Navigation System that integrates SAASM GPS with the industry-leading heading accuracy of the Sparton AHRS-M2. A compact, low power INS, the INS-20 provides full self-location and navigation capability, including latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, pitch, roll, and velocity in GPS deprived or denied environments.


The Sparton AHRS-M2 is a micro-sized, light weight, low power Attitude Heading Reference System with a revolutionary built-in adaptive-calibration mode. Sparton AdaptCal™ provides continuous 3D adaptive in-field calibration while Sparton’s AdaptNav™ sensor fusion algorithms allow the system to provide accurate attitude and heading outputs.


Fully temperature compensated, the AHRS-8 is individually calibrated for industry-leading heading accuracy. Our AdaptNav™ algorithm provides accurate in-field calibration, while the NorthTek™ Development System makes it the world’s only fully programmable inertial system.

Case Studies and White Papers

Based on our years of experience, our library of case studies and white papers are a good source for inspiration and examples.

Integrating SAASM GPS and Inertial Navigation

What do you need to know when integrating SAASM GPS and inertial navigation systems? Read our white paper to learn more about the advantages of integration and how to overcome the challenges that integration might present. Get "Integrating SAASM GPS and Inertial Navigation" now.

Team HyperLift Performs in SpaceX Hyperloop Competition using Sparton AHRS

“We could not have delivered our proof of concept without the invaluable data provided by the Sparton AHRS-8P.”

SWaP-C and Why Your Component Partner Matters

How can you get maximum SWaP-C benefit with minimal fuss? By choosing the right contract manufacturer. Read our white paper to learn why SWaP-C matters, the challenges involved, and techniques for ensuring that you choose the right partner for your project. Get “SWaP-C and Why Your Component Partner Matters” now.


Read about our engineers’ latest ideas and breakthroughs for the world of inertial sensors.

Military Targeting Systems and the Development of Inertial Systems

Problem Military targeting systems require maximum accuracy at all times and under all conditions. These systems can be hand-held or mounted on various vehicles or weapons, but they all must perform reliably and consistently in order to meet the needs of the warfighter. Heading and elevation are critical factors in accurate targeting systems. The complex […]

Adaptive Calibration Technology in Digital Compasses and Inertial Systems

Summary: Conventional digital magnetic compasses require a complex and cumbersome “in-field” calibration process. This calibration, commonly referred to as the “Kabuki Dance”, is not embraced by most users including the military and is often performed improperly, incompletely, or sometimes not at all. This results in diminished sensor performance and poor overall accuracy, in targeting and […]

What is an AHRS?

An Attitude Heading and Reference System, better known as an AHRS, is a 3-axis sensor system that provides real-time 3D attitude position – pitch, roll, and heading. The primary function then of an AHRS is to provide orientation data. AHRS are designed to replace traditional gyro-based instruments and to provide superior reliability and accuracy. Some […]

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