What is NorthTek™?

The Sparton NorthTek™ application platform is a powerful, industry-leading feature that positions Sparton’s inertial sensors as the world’s only fully programmable digital compasses – allowing virtually limitless customization and application.

NorthTek™ was developed as a hardware software integration tool and expanded to be a full runtime environment. While most inertial systems only allow the user to modify basic elements, Sparton’s NorthTek™ enables users with the ability to program both basic and advanced features. Users can write and execute custom, user-defined applications and specific algorithms. NorthTekTM allows designers to directly interface with real-time sensors data and make custom computations specifically for their application.

How does it work?

The user designs a NorthTek™ program using the Forth programming language. That program is then loaded into a Sparton inertial sensor such as the AHRS-M2 or AHRS-8 with a simple terminal emulator. The program can be stopped or replaced with another NorthTek™ program as often as needed. A single custom command starts the user application while normal selection of data output continues without interruption. The NorthTek™ application runs in parallel with normal sensor operations.

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