Applications requiring the highest degree of precision trust Sparton as their go-to solution for inertial sensor systems. The entire product family, from inertial measurement units (IMU) to attitude heading reference systems (AHRS), performs to task for the toughest, most ruggedized solutions. Stemming from our roots in government contracting, the Sparton suite of products are unmatched for critical solutions such as laser targeting, satellite communications, unmanned vehicles, and oil and gas exploration.

A complete system integrating MEMS inertial sensors, magnetometers, and algorithms to process and manage sensor data is required to overcome the difficulties of this complex application.

In situations where precision is an absolute must, Sparton delivers the inertial sensor systems that can be trusted time and time again. Our products have been built to improve on today’s product standards with even greater performance than is required for tomorrow’s laser targeting systems.

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In either portable or permanent system installations, RF and SATCOM systems require high antenna pointing accuracy at all times and under extreme environmental conditions.

Panning the sky in search for satellite signals takes on a whole new meaning in urgent conditions when time is of the essence. Getting your connections established in short order requires absolute accuracy—accuracy that can only be delivered by Sparton’s inertial sensor systems.

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Whether it swims, crawls, or flies, navigation systems are critical for the performance of unmanned vehicles.

Unmanned vehicles continue to impress with rapid advances in technology that make these vehicles suitable for military and commercial use. The inertial sensor is a critical component for unmanned operation success, and Sparton is lock step in the rapid development of sensor systems technologies for air, sea and ground.

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Precise and real-time measurements of heading, pitch, and roll angles along the array cables are valuable output data for accurate seismic streamer navigation, positioning, and survey performance.

Exploring the vast ocean floor for oil and gas opportunities is a daunting task. Sparton’s inertial sensor product offerings help produce the critical accuracy needed to survey, collect, and analyze the sea floor to mine these natural resources.

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