Rugged Electronics

Sparton Rugged Electronics offers displays, computers and other ruggedized electronics for the defense, marine, industrial and air traffic control markets. We are part of the Sparton Corporation, a global leader with over 100 years of experience in the contract design and manufacture of electromechanical devices for the military, aerospace and other industries.

The leading brands Aydin Displays and Stealth.com, which share Sparton’s mission of providing innovation and rigorous quality. We help our customers conquer complexity and succeed in even the most demanding and harsh environments.

Product Portfolio

Sparton Rugged Electronics offering supports four distinct marketplaces: defense, air traffic control, marine and industrial sectors with a full complement of solutions from PCs, servers, displays and peripherals for the rugged world. Our solutions drive two main functions for our customers: we ruggedize and enhance our solutions for the demanding marketplace.

Ruggedized Displays

We are a leading provider in Rugged LCD display manufacturing technology, servicing the industrial & commercial, military & aerospace and air traffic control industries. Built to withstand the most hostile environments and situations, our products are tested and retested to handle a variety of situations.

With a variety of sizes and numerous mounting options, many of our displays comply with shock, vibration and EMI military standards. Resolutions range from VGA to 2560 x 1600 and Legacy formats, with sizes from 8.4″ up to 21.3″. We also support widescreen resolutions from 12″ to 65″.

Rugged PCs

When standard off-the-shelf computing is not nearly a fit for your tough, rugged environment, you need to turn to a partner that can provide form, function and reliability in Rugged PCs. That partner is us.

We specialize in high performance industrial grade computer systems & peripherals that include Mini PC/Small Form Factor Computers, Rackmount Server PCs, Rugged Industrial LCD Monitors, Rugged Portable PCs, Industrial Grade Keyboards and Rugged Trackballs & Mice.

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