Maritime Defense Technologies

Payload Delivery and Undersea Detection Development

As a leader in the design, development, and manufacture of sonobuoy systems for the U.S. Navy, Sparton is paving the way to be a leader in parallel technologies that align with current and future Navy roadmap technologies. Our partnership with the U.S. government is even more critical today as non-allied nations continue to increase their capabilities in undersea warfare. At least 41 nations operate over 450 submarines. In addition, the threat of mini-subs, hostile AUV/UUVs, hostile swimmers, and mines are expanding. Many of these threats require upgraded USW/ASW capabilities in littoral waters. Sparton stands ready to deliver new capabilities which support the future USW/ASW ConOps and tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Leveraging the sonobuoy technology that we have been developing for over 60 years, Sparton maintains the expertise required to design and develop in connection with:
A complete system integrating MEMS inertial sensors, magnetometers, and algorithms to process and manage sensor data is required to overcome the difficulties of this complex application. All this must be accomplished in a small, lightweight package with minimum power consumption.

  • Undersea Detection Systems

  • Payloads

  • Payload Delivery

Key Benefits


  • Digital, Analog, Digital Signal Processing (DSP), RF/Wireless, Optics,
    Printed Circuit Board Layout & Embedded Software Development


  • Mechanisms, Sealed Assemblies, EMI/RFI Shielding, Plastic Injection Molded Parts, Die Cast Parts, Stamped Parts & Extruded Parts

Unique Capabilities

  • Ocean Isolation Systems, Package Design for Extreme Environments, Compact and Complex Packaging, Sensors (Acoustic, Magnetic, E-Field, Arrays), Aerodynamics, Hydrodynamics, Batteries (Salt Water/Lithium), RF Communications & Autonomous/Remote Deployment

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