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Representing Orientation in 3-Dimensions

There are a number of ways to represent the orientation of an object in 3-dimensions.  One common way is to use Euler angles (like pitch, roll, and yaw). Euler angles were developed by Leonhard Euler, a brilliant 18th century Swiss mathematician.  There are, however, ambiguities that arise when using this convention.  If the pitch happens […]

What is NorthTek™?

The Sparton NorthTek™ application platform is a powerful, industry-leading feature that positions Sparton’s inertial sensors as the world’s only fully programmable digital compasses – allowing virtually limitless customization and application. NorthTek™ was developed as a hardware software integration tool and expanded to be a full runtime environment. While most inertial systems only allow the user to modify […]

3D In field Calibration and Convergence

When designing a system using a magnetometer-based heading system, calibration can quickly become the most important topic. Most systems have a form of user magnetic calibration that can correct the impact of magnetic field distortions. When the sensor is mounted in the user’s application, any magnetic material (screws, brackets, components, etc.) will affect the compass […]

In-Field Calibration and Orientation Modifications

This blog provides information relative to the process by which a user would perform an in-field Calibration and modify the orientation by using an orientation variable, Boresight matrix, or a NorthTek™ script. Most application environments have some sort of hard or soft iron magnetic interference, and as such an in-field calibration of the inertial system […]

NorthTek™ : Quaternions, Database Variables and Arrays

In this blog, I show how to create a real-time viewer of database variables representing the orientation of the inertial system.  This comes in handy from time to time when testing or troubleshooting.  This NorthTek™  script shows three different ways to represent the orientation of the nav sensor.  The first is the standard Roll, Pitch, […]

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