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Ultrasonic Cleaning of MEMS Parts

Ultrasonic cleaning can damage the structure of MEMS devices. Sparton’s line of inertial sensor systems contain MEMS accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers. When subjected to vibrations of specific frequencies the internal structure of the MEMS can become damaged. While some MEMS manufacturers do not mention this, Sparton has found that almost all MEMS structures can be […]

NUS Team Bumblebee Competes in International Events Using Sparton Solutions

The oceans span over seventy percent of the Earth’s surface and are one of the biggest contributors to human civilization. Learning to navigate its waters has provided exploration, resources, food, trade and migration. Much of the oceans still remain unexplored and untapped due to its hostile environment, unpredictability, and high operational costs. The National University […]

Representing Orientation in 3-Dimensions

There are a number of ways to represent the orientation of an object in 3-dimensions.  One common way is to use Euler angles (like pitch, roll, and yaw). Euler angles were developed by Leonhard Euler, a brilliant 18th century Swiss mathematician.  There are, however, ambiguities that arise when using this convention.  If the pitch happens […]

What is NorthTek™?

The Sparton NorthTek™ application platform is a powerful, industry-leading feature that positions Sparton’s inertial sensors as the world’s only fully programmable digital compasses – allowing virtually limitless customization and application. NorthTek™ was developed as a hardware software integration tool and expanded to be a full runtime environment. While most inertial systems only allow the user to modify […]

Common Issues with Magnetic Compasses and How to Minimize Risk

Most common issues when using a magnetic compass Calibration Calibration has long been a source of error in the eventual heading readings of a magnetic compass. With many systems, the calibration is tedious and is often referred to as the “Chicken Dance” due to its complexity requiring the user to rotate to multiple positions while […]

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